How To: Do a backflip

Do a backflip

If done wrong, a backflip could be devastating. But if done right, a backflip just might make you the coolest person ever. This is a unique backflip tutorial that uses both video examples and instructional text. See how to do a backflip. Follow these steps, one by one, to see what you're doing wrong.

NOTE: Turning your palms to the outside in the set is personal preference - Some people like to do it this way, as it can help you lock your shoulders when you jump up, but it is not necessary.

Also, this tutorial is designed for trickers or other athletic people interested in learning how to do a basic back flip - If you're a gymnast, you should learn the absolute "gymnast" way at a gymnastics center, which focuses a lot more on form.

DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is a guide only. If you attempt to recreate such stunts as portrayed in this video, it is your own fault and only you are to blame. Any injuries sustained are on you and only you. You are completely liable. That said… have fun.

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This is the best how to do a backflip video anyone has ever made! real talk!

this video i ever seen about backflips.

Awesome is all I want to say.

When I click on a video, it says "playing", but i'm sure it's not playing for me! Can someone please help me?

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