How To: Perform a Backflip 360 for Trampoline

Perform a Backflip 360 for Trampoline

This tutorial is made for people who are having trouble learning or have no clue how to go about learning a back complete with a spin. Here's how you spin: initiate the spin by throwing your arm around your chest and looking over your shoulder. This will cause your chest to start rotating; the rest of the rotation is in the hip movements. You start your rotation until you are facing the opposite direction, and then you use your hips to spin the rest of the way.. on double fulls and triple fulls, you have to throw your hips and try to rotate much harder, and that is where the extra spin comes from. Learning to Spin can be very frustrating. You just have to try it a couple of hundred times before you go leaving shit comments on my tutorial. I am self-taught, and it takes time to do this, so don't take your frustration out on me!

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