How To: Do a front handspring

Do a front handspring

Gymnastics are impressive and exciting to watch. You'll need strength, agility, flexibility and some definite practice to get to the point where you're ready to try a front handspring but all the work will be worth it when you stick your landing.

If you want to learn how to tumble and are ready for a challenge, follow these steps to learn a new trick.

You Will Need

* Upper body strength

Step 1: Stand up straight

Stand up straight with your arms raised and held tight to your ears, looking forward.

Add a few running steps and small hop before the handspring to make learning the skill much easier.

Step 2: Raise one leg

Raise your strongest leg, keeping it straight and tight.

Step 3: Lunge forward

Lunge forward, placing your foot a couple feet in front of you.

Step 4: Plant hands on the ground

Plant your hands ahead of your body on the ground about a body's length away from your front foot.

Step 5: Kick your back foot to a handstand

Kick your back foot upward while pushing off of your front foot. Lock your ankles together into a handstand.

Step 6: Push off and fly

Push off the floor with your arms, keeping your ankles together and your arms locked to your ears.

Step 7: Stick the landing

Land on your feet with your arms up, legs slightly bent, and hips vertical with your feet.

The Olympic scoring system for gymnastics was changed in 2008 – after 80 years – to include separate scores for degree of difficulty and for execution in each event.

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