How to Do gymnastics: Back handspring

Back handspring

Mic Sol-O demonstrates how to prepare for and perform a back handspring.

• Warm up first! Get a mat and do some simple stretches to start.
• Sitting on the floor, spread your legs into a V. Reach for one foot and try to touch your nose to your knee for position 1. Position 2 is just stretching with both arms extended between you knees. The third and final position is the same as the first, except to the opposite leg. Hold each position for about 20 seconds.
• Next go to backbends to loosen up your lower back. This position is very important to the back handspring. Do 3 sets of 20 seconds.
• Do 20 pushups and situps to build strength. Also, do handstands on the wall for 3 sets of 20 seconds.

Performing the back handspring:
• Most importantly, get a spotter!
• Put your hands straight up in the air and stand straight up.
• Move your hands to straight out in front of your face and simultaneously bend your legs to a "sitting" position.
• Spring backward into the backbend position. Use your strength and momentum to flip your body backwards and land on your feet again.

If you follow these fundamentals and practice, you could be able to perform a back handspring.
• Return to upright position with your hands towards the sky.

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