How To: Perform a round off back tuck

Perform a round off back tuck

This video shows us how to perform a round off back somersault. Firstly you have to make sure that your leading leg must be wide when you put your hands down. And when you place your hands down, don't place them parallel to each other but just place them slightly tilted. While you place your hands down, keep your head within your shoulders and when you place your hands down your back leg kicks back and you will rotate on your hand. When you go down, both your legs will be kicked to the back and it will give you the height which you need. Then drive your arms up in blocked position and when you do that you keep your head between your shoulders and your head comes in and then bring your knees to your chest making sure you over-grip them. And when you land in you open up your knees so that you land on your feet. With this it's done

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